Does the BIBLE Really Teach ETERNAL Torment??

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In making this web site I understand that I am presenting a real challenge to most Christians to re-evaluate what they believe about Hell as a place of "ETERNAL Fiery Torment." However, I really believe one should know "why" they believe "what" they believe. This study is intended to lead one through a journey of understanding the Hebrew & Greek words in the Bible and how they were wrongfully translated by translators and why. It will also help open one's eyes to how pagan religion has made its way into shaping the doctrine of "Eternal Torment" in the church today.  


Now, I have studied a couple different angles that one can take "from the Bible" in regards to this view of Eternal Torment.  Although, this web site deals with the view of Annihilation; I have also created another web site on the view of Ultimate Reconciliation (I named that site: "The Restoration of All Things"). BOTH views have strong "Biblical" arguments / scripture references to back up their arguments  against the view of Eternal Torment. Regardless of the view studied, one thing I can say for sure and that is that "the Bible" definitely does not teach the doctrine of "Eternal Torment!"  


For those of you who may be interested in checking out both views, I suggest that you don't jump back and forth between the two studies. Start off with one view at a time, so you don`t get confused between the two. (For most fundamental Christians, I would suggest starting off with the view of Annihilation first, as the  Ultimate Reconciliation view is a much more extensive study...and much more it requires a "whole different look" at a few commonly-held Biblical doctrines, and thus will require much more research to get the whole picture of what they are saying...but, hey! if you are up for the challenge, then go for it! It's the best Biblical view out there & worth the extra study!) Personally, I started off with the view of Annihilation because I was such a hard cookie to crack. My study was only to validate my claims that it existed. So if you too are pretty convinced hell exists I might suggest you start off with that view the view of Ultimate Reconciliation might be too much of a stretch to start off with. But if you already are doubting the validity of hell, then you may be more than ready for the view of Ultimate Reconciliation. Its the view that makes the most sense in regards to a loving & forgiving God...that's for sure!



So in a Nut Shell, Here's Bit About the 2 Different Views:

1.) The Annihilation View  (View my 7min. YouTube video here: "Questions to Consider Regarding Eternal Torment in Hell" )   This view states that after the First Death (natural death) all mankind "sleeps" until the Resurrection and then after the Judgement Day everything that is sinful will be annihilated (not eternally tormented) in the Lake of Fire. (See this link for a basic outline: .) Thus, the Second Death will be total and complete and then there will be no more death, no more tears, etc. The belief that the souls of the wicked will burn forever in hell is based on an un-biblical assumption that their souls are immortal or indestructible. If you remember only believers receive immortality at Christ's Second Coming (see 1 Cor. 15:51-53). So, in order for sinful mankind to live forever in torment that would mean we would ALL have to be immortal; but ACCORDING TO THE BIBLE, man was never created immortal. Man has always ever been mortal...including Adam in the Garden of Eden (before he sinned!). Most Christians, forget that Adam could only live forever if he had access to the Tree of Life. So after he sinned, he was immediately ("in that day") removed from the garden so he would no longer have access to the Tree of Life and live forever in his sin, by continuing to eat from it (see Genesis 3:22-24). The only time immortality is mentioned in the Bible is in reference to God.The Bible says that only HE has immortality! (See: 1 Tim.6:15-16 )  It's simply NOT Biblical for mortal man to be eternally tormented as punishment for sin! The Scriptures are clear that the wages of sin is "death"...not "eternal life" in torment. According to the Scriptures, "believers" are the only ones granted immortality after this life!

  2.) The Ultimate Reconciliation View   This view states that "all" mankind will "eventually" be saved...If not in this life, they will be saved after they stand before God & are judged for how they lived their life while on earth. In the end of time, they will finally grasp just how great God's love is for them will bow their knee and confess Jesus as their Lord...and God being complete LOVE, will definently forgive them of their sin! ("Who WILL have ALL men to be saved, and come unto the knowledge of the truth."  1Tim. 2:4)  ... For "love keeps NO record of wrongs" (1 Cor. 13:5) and God will "overcome evil with GOOD"!!  ...“Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you...” (Luke 6:27-28). “Do not return evil for evil or reviling for reviling; but on the contrary bless...” (1Peter 3:9). “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good” (Romans 12:21). ...Could God ever do any thing less than what He commands us to do??...I think not!...(This site also provides a whole other view on "the Last Days", the Antichrist, etc...revealing how those doctrines were never intended to be written for US, but were written for those who lived back in THAT Jesus' day!)


 With these web sites, I sincerely hope to challenge people to really study the passages in the Bible that are being brought to the light here...including the church's history during the time of Constantine, etc. This will help one understand what has caused the church to come to the place it is today in its belief system regarding Hell as a place of "Eternal Torment." If one really wants to know truth, I believe such research should never be discouraged or cause people to get defensive about their one should always should know WHY one believes WHAT one believes. There's nothing to be afraid of if one is convinced they have the truth...for truth will always win out with any good research! 

"Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that
needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth."
2 Tim. 2:15.




 Regardless of the view you decide to research...please be sure to read this article:



                                                                                     A Bit About My Journey:

Now I must say that when I first set out in this study in August 2008 (after being challenged for 2 years by another Christian to research WHY I believed in "eternal" torment) I never anticipated to believe anything different than what I always believed....that "the punishment for sin was "Eternal Torment" in Hell...because that's what I always believed the Bible taught...and I wasn't going to change my mind simply cause I didn't like the concept of an "eternal" Hell. I had to see it clearly from the Scriptures, for myself, before I would change my mind...and being the critic that I am, I was very careful to make sure that the Scriptures were NOT being taken out of context either, just to make it fit a view that I (or someone else) wanted me to believe. However, surprisingly, after much study of the Scriptures (and church history), etc, I finally changed my view on what I believe THE BIBLE teaches about Hell as being a place of  "Eternal Torment."


                                               ♥ I hope you are just as blessed on your journey!









                                                                   During This Study:

 I strongly encourage that one reads ALL the Scripture references that are being discussed as one goes along. This is absolutely vital to ones' study!! (Most of the Scriptures are written out, but for those that are not, just click on the reference and it will bring you right to the verse on







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The Research Links I've provided here are from the very sites where I have done my own personal study. I have put this site together to try to give you only the best of what I have found. As you know that when it comes to researching anything "on-line" that we often waste hours of time just trying to find sites that give good balanced information...I hope to save you this wasted time. I have worked very hard to give you only the best of what I've found.

 Most of the links provided are not directly linked to the author's sites, although their URL's are present on each page with their material. The reason for this is I that have added more features to their material like headlines & sub-headlines to help locate certain topics easier. I also have taken the time to underline the points that stuck out to me and in the odd case, excluded some sections of the author's material that were much better explained by the other authors. I have color-coded all the Scripture references to green and have created direct links to read the Scriptures right on-line (if they weren't already written within the material itself). I have also added my own comments in "colored" font off to the right-hand side, including other Scriptures that relate to the topic.

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